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Our English-German online dictionary for the leather and shoe industry currently comprises more than 11.500 entries. We are constantly expanding this service.

Using the dictionary is very simple: Choose the translation direction (English-German or German-English), enter your term and press “Search“. The the 100% match will always be placed on top of the list of results, followed by results with a partial match. Try “needle“, “thread“ or “sewing machine“ to get an impression of the in-depth details of our dictionary!

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The German nouns always be labelled m, f or n in order to assist non-native speakers in identifying whether the gender of the respective noun is masculine, feminine or neuter (and equally in the plural: mpl, fpl and npl).

Should you have questions or remarks or in case of no search result, please email us at dictionary(at) and we will help you with your query.



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